IIoT to improve the productivity and reliability of order picking.

Understand Pick-To-Light solutions for your kitting processes.

 Companies and logisticians in the automotive industry are faced with daily challenges regarding the efficiency, reliability and agility of production and assembly lines.

EDITAG Industries offers a IIoT solution IIoT of Pick-To-Light forged in the principles of lean manufacturing. 

Goals : 

- Help operators and preparers to be more efficient, limit errors.
- Reduce the time needed to reconfigure production areas.
- Improve productivity and reliability.
- Provide a view of the flows in real time.-
 Remove the paper.

Pick-To-Light is used in particular to help operators prepare orders or kits of parts to be assembled to supply production areas. 

How it works ?

As part of the preparation of component kits, the bins or shelves are equipped with innovative IIoT sensors, the mOOnTAGs, which light up to immediately guide the operator with a light signal and display the desired quantity. 

With a simple gesture, the information on picking up parts in the bins is instantly transmitted to the supervision system. 

This solution is intuitive. It requires no operator training and eliminates paper or mobile devices.

The operator concentrates on his mission, thanks to the mOOnTAG his business activity is simply digitized. 

The major advantage of this solution is that it is wireless. MOOnTAGs can be placed on the shelves or directly on the bins, offering very cost-effective layout flexibility. Where it takes several days to redevelop an area equipped with suitable furniture with a traditional wired solution, it simply takes a few hours on standard furniture for an area equipped with the EDITAG Industries Pick-To-Light solution. 

In addition to Pick-To-Light, the solution integrates other functionalities such as location (zoning),Andon and also applies for Put-To-Light.

Pour le kitting et la préparation de commande, le geste métier est digitalisé grâce aux capteurs IoT