EDITAG has been designing and manufacturing IoT (connected objects) systems for 10 years for the supervision of goods and processes, particularly in industry and culture.

10 years

It was just ten years ago. EDITAG was founded on May 21, 2007.
Since then, the company has grown and EDITAG has become an innovative Industrial SME with about twenty employees committed to a common goal: innovate to create the highest value for professional use of contactless technologies.
10 years ! A significant and important step in the life of a company and we are very happy to pass this stage with you.

10 years of commitment to our partners!

We thank all our partners in the world of luxury and cultural institutions, industry, automotive, aeronautics, rail, energy, transport and logistics. In a decade, more than a hundred projects have been carried out with the help of our partners, customers and suppliers in France and abroad. These projects and feedback from the field experience have been and remain a key source of our product innovations.


10 years of commitment respecting our values!

This anniversary is an opportunity to reaffirm EDITAG's values ​​of ethics, involvement, teamwork and movement. We remain faithful to our values ​​through actions in line with the company’s commitments to all our partners, as well as in respect of ethical principles concerning the conduct of business. We are signatory of the Diversity Charter..

10 years of collective!

“Individually and collectively, we are fully committed to serving our customers by being exemplary and supportive in our behavior with all stakeholders. ” tells us our internal charter.
And it is above all a collective human adventure that allows us to be present on our markets today with disruptive IoT solutions. We strive to promote initiatives and new ideas internally, enrich ourselves with differences, share experiences and inspire confidence.
The success resulting from the involvement, our 10 years had to be celebrated together employees and families for a festive day.

The word of the founder


« These ten years of EDITAG’s adventure is a good example of how our values ​​of commitment, teamwork and agility were groundbreaking: we innovated, we cleared,we “pivoted” in our offer to adapt. And we will continue in “industrial startup” mode: startup in anticipation, and industrial in execution

Frédéric PITHOUD – Chief Executive Officer

EDITAG in figures

• 10 years of innovative IoT solutions
• 60,000 tags / sensors installed
• 130 projects deployed
• 20 employees

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