Innovation Review – September 2015 – Special issue Industrial Competitiveness – Pg 137

“With more than one hundred international deployments, beyond its role as manufacturer, EDITAG, accompanies IoT projects in an original way.
Frédéric PITHOUD, CEO of EDITAG, explains: “With products and revolutionary IoT approach, EDITAG combines the factory of the future with a ” lean “approach to simplify flows and process!”


EDITAG has designed the mOOnTAG, patented exclusivity. This is the first hybrid tag for connecting objects and processes. In one clip, unique ID and sensors combine to facilitate business actions of the logistics operator, production, maintenance or service and thereby remove any information entered.
But IoT project is not just a simple provision of equipment. “Beyond the connected object itself, EDITAG accompanies industrial throughout its approach by revisiting the overall process based on the unique opportunities that a hybrid tag. “This is the methodology “mOOnTAG View” continues Frédéric PITHOUD.

Revealing IoT industrial lean potential , EDITAG addresses different projects ! From the choice of technologies, to the design of the connected object, EDITAG masters all bricks of an IoT system to define and provide faster architecture to develop and deploy.

And you do that by yourself?
“We work closely with our partners, end users and integrators to offer the most suitable solution.”